The Business Benefits of GIS: An ROI Approach

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Bill Meehan explains the results of a recent Esri study and benchmark report, The Business Benefits of GIS for Utilities. View now. [MP4]

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Sustainable enterprise GIS initiatives are dependent on obtaining organizational buy-in and delivering measurable (ROI) results. This website introduces a methodology for winning the hearts and minds of decision makers and stakeholders as well as for quantifying the benefits of an Enterprise GIS initiative. In addition to helping secure a suitable budget, the methodology provides a framework for successfully delivering tangible benefits. You can access supporting tools and templates from this website to put the insights and approach described in the book into practice in your own organization.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop an ROI-driven Enterprise GIS Strategic Plan
  • Establish a financial business case using a diverse set of ROI-based methods to justify geospatial projects
  • Obtain buy-in from decision makers and stakeholders
  • Successfully deliver measurable business results from geospatial projects

The full methodology and tools are described in the book The Business Benefits of GIS: An ROI Approach.

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ROI Diagram PA Consulting Group, Inc. Step 1: Prepare for ROI Project Step 2: Identify Business Opportunities Step 3: Prioritize Business Opportunities Step 4: Construct GIS Program Step 5: Define Project Control Step 6: Specify and Cost GIS Projects Step 7: Estimate Benefits Step 8: Create Benefits Roadmap Step 9: Calculate Financial Metrics Step 10: Build and Present Report
The information on this Web site page has been derived in whole or in part, under license, from the ROI Methodology of PA Consulting Group, Inc.